Metal furniture with precise cutting and bending

Creative, metal furniture designs are easy when you partner with the Italian specialists at AlbaCustom.
We have the technology to handle cutting, bending and metal processing with ease, thanks to our wide experience in furniture manufacture at parent company MetalMeccanica Alba.

Italy is renowned as a central hub for furniture design expertise, with a number of modern furnishings featuring metals in
  • geometric,
  • swirling,
  • concentric
  • and circular styles.
If your metal furniture designs require a professional partnership with a business that has the technology, equipment and skilled workforce able to produce and test customised metal furniture, get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements in full.
We work metals to create unique designs for chairs, tables and other furnishings, very popular nowadays.
We use tube and plastics to achieve custom fabrications, test out sample designs and meet bulk orders, and our teams of workers at AlbaCustom are used to the pressures of meeting regular furniture manufacturing deadlines.

bending machine
We take creative engineering one step beyond the norm, to give our clients a unique product that meets every requirement. When your designs entail wire bending, cutting and bending for furniture using metal, AlbaCustom works with you to turn your ideas into an effective, industrialised product. We use some of the latest software and metal processing technologies to create the products our customers require.

Our mechanical and oleodynamic presses provide solutions to make required shapes, tapering and coning of tubes gives the desired finishes and we use every available form of welding to ensure the perfection of our finished furniture products.

Contact us to learn more ways in which AlbaCustom exceed expectations in metal furniture production.

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