What are the benefits of laser cutting pipes?

Laser cut for pipe, as well as metal plates and sheets, is a very fast and accurate process providing a variety of benefits for companies in the metal working industry and AlbaCustom is taking advantage of the newest technologies in this field. Let's go through some of the benefits that laser cutting provide.

A list of benefits

Laser cut for pipe is a fast and accurate cutting technique
Laser cutting machines have evolved over the years and nowadays they are more and more technologically advanced. This means that the performed laser cuts on pipes are faster and more accurate, but it also means that it is necessary to put a greater attention on the laser cutting process. That is why AlbaCustoms employs experienced workers to work closely on laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting is versatile
Modern laser cutting machines provide versatility because they not only cut horizontally, but also perform vertical cuts and angle cuts and many other processes that are difficult to perform manually.

Laser cutting results in minimum material waste
Using laser cutting machines results in producing faster and bigger quantities on everyday basis, and also in reducing costs for waste material: a laser cutting machine is highly precise and its cuts are smooth and very narrow so that the waste of material is less.

AlbaCustom: Italian creative engineering

AlbaCustom is part of Metalmeccanica Alba Group and it is dedicated to the engineering and production workshops of our company. Our expertise is fully Italian since we decided to underline the Made in Italy aspect of our products as a symbol for our quality standards. Moreover, our team of highly specialised engineers provides our customers with their long working experience to help them develop their needs and requirements for furniture and office decoration.

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